Milan: Milan may offer Leo an annual salary of 7 million euro renewal, and January negotiations will be crucial.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Milan are ready to offer Leo an annual salary of 7 million euros, and January will be crucial.
It is reported that Milan have been seeking to renew their contract with Leo. Leo’s current annual salary is 1.5 million euros, which will expire in June 2024, while Leo and his agent are seeking to sign a new contract with Milan and get a big pay cut. resolve the economic dispute with Portuguese sports.
Milan had previously offered Leo a contract with an annual salary of 6 million euros to 6.5 million euros, and now after communication with Leo and his agent, Milan may increase the annual salary to 7 million euros, but according to the club’s policy, Milan will never offer Leo an annual salary of 8 million euros or 10 million euros.
Milan do not want to lose Leo at a low price or zero transfer fee because of the failure of the contract renewal, and the contract renewal negotiations between the two sides may reach a turning point in January. In any case, Milan will not sell Leo in the winter window, because whether the contract is renewed or not, there will be more opportunities in the transfer window next summer than in the winter window. The two sides will contact again in the near future, and it remains to be seen whether some intractable issues in the negotiations will continue to be shelved.
As for the players, Leo himself wants to stay at Milan and he is considering signing a new contract with Milan.
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