Milan: Napoli will compete with Inter Marseille for Moroccan midfielder Onassi.

December 25-according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Naples will compete with Inter and Marseille for Moroccan midfielder Onasi.
It is reported that although the winter window transfer window has not yet officially opened, Napoli have begun to consider the next signings plan, director Giuentoli’s task is to make the squad better suited to Spalletti’s tactical system.
At present, Giuentoli is keeping a close eye on Udinese star Samarzic. Samarzic, a 20-year-old midfielder, has made 16 appearances for Udinese so far this season, including four starts and three goals and one assist.
In addition, Giuentoli is also keeping an eye on Moroccan midfielder Onassi, who played well in the World Cup, and Napoli will compete with Inter and Marseille.
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