Miner CEO: Mudrick’s contract has no golden ball clause; the American boss is very supportive of Ukraine

January 17, The Athletic UK reporter Adam Crafton exclusively interviewed Shakhtar Donetsk
CEO Palkin.

It is our understanding that in the final offer from both clubs the total amount will be essentially the same, the difference being the speed of payment.

Overall, it’s the same.
Not exactly the same, the numbers are the same.
fixed part, and floating clause.
But if you look at the fixed part and the floating clause, it’s quite different.

you mean?

Different payout times (times), different kinds of bonuses.
Yes, we can talk about bonuses, but those bonuses should be achievable and realistic.
So, in this case, Chelsea are in some ways far more serious and fair.

We were together the whole time we were negotiating with Chelsea, nine or 10 hours if you understand the circumstances.

They invited the players themselves and explained the whole team plan and we realized: yes, if you look at the moment, Chelsea have some problems, but it’s normal because they have a transition from one owner to another
That’s understandable, they want to change a lot.

So when they explain the whole plan to you, you look two, three, four, five years into the future, and you see that they are serious about the future.
I am sure they will build one of the best clubs in the world because I tell you, they are serious about everything: sports science, stadium side, business side, everything.

We have been told that the add-on is actually Chelsea winning the Premier League or the Champions League, can you comment?

Yes, that’s the rider.

(Yes. It has these kinds of bonuses.)

No Golden Globes clause?

There is no Ballon d’Or [clause] in Chelsea’s offer, we and they feel that the bonus is achievable.
Maybe not this year, but in the next two, three or four years.

So there’s no deadline for the bonus clause?
Does it still apply if they win the Premier League or Champions League in 2029?

Eight years, or seven and a half years.
The duration of the contract is 7 1.

Did Mudrick ever say to you, ‘Let me go in January’?
Or if he is not allowed to move, will he wait until the summer?

We didn’t discuss details with him, he was very professional and didn’t push us.
He doesn’t come to us and ask why we didn’t sell him, doesn’t want to complain that we didn’t sell him for 50 million euros or 60 million euros.

We just said, ‘Mikhailo, we are negotiating.
We want to help you, and we believe we’ll fix this, so relax, train hard, and that’s it.

Neither he nor his agent exerted pressure.
Maybe you even saw his agent say in an interview that Mudrick was very professional and trained well, and they respected the fact that he was a Shakhtar player at the time.

Did he talk to Chelsea manager Porter before joining Chelsea?

He spoke to Porter last weekend.

Shakhtar chairman Rinat Akhmetov announced on Monday that his team will play Chelsea in a friendly in Shakhtar Donetsk, can you clarify if this is actually written into the agreement?

Yes, it’s written in the contract.

But actually, we don’t even need to read it in the contract because Egbaly talked to our chairman.
Bedard is very supportive of Ukraine because he is American and this is an English club.

They had a good talk and shook hands.
I know because I was the interpreter there and I enjoyed the conversation so much that I believe it doesn’t matter if it’s in the contract or not.

Did they talk to Akhmetov on the phone?

Yes, our chairman has never left Ukraine since the conflict.

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