Mirror: During the reconstruction of Stamford Bridge, Chelsea may play at Wembley for the next five years

January 13 According to news from the “Mirror”, during the reconstruction of Stamford Bridge, Chelsea may play at Wembley for the next five years.
Playing at Wembley Stadium throughout the year.

After taking over Chelsea, the Burleigh consortium promised to rebuild Stamford Bridge as one of their tasks.
Fans also asked club officials about plans to rebuild Stamford Bridge during the period.
With no formal decision made by the club, they may consider playing at Wembley Stadium.
Chelsea have yet to set a firm timeline for rebuilding Stamford Bridge, which is feared could take five years and would be the biggest football rebuild ever undertaken in London.

If the club rebuilds Stamford Bridge’s stadium piece by piece, it could take them a decade and fans have been warned it could take up to 18 months to clear the ground.
Chelsea can find an alternative venue, but the proposal made during the Abramovich period has not been put on the table, and the Burleigh consortium has already begun to act.
No decision can be taken by the club without the permission of the owners of the Chelsea stadium.
There have been no official club meetings yet, but whenever fans ask club officials, they say the stadium has been at the top of the agenda.

At the same time the CPO is held by former chairman Ken Bates, which ensures that they can’t do anything without the permission of the fans.
Chelsea have so far declined to comment on the rebuilding plans, but as much as £1.75 billion of the money to take over Chelsea has been set aside to invest in the future of the club, including the stadium.
Chelsea’s plans to rebuild the stadium have also been made difficult by the stadium’s proximity to rail and tube lines and its location in London’s construction zone.
They may have to lay extra foundations, but they’ll also need to build bigger stands to increase stadium capacity.

Spurs played nearly two seasons at Wembley while rebuilding White Hart Lane, spending more than £1bn on the new ground.
During the Abramovich period, they were indeed considering moving to Wembley, and even considered competing with Tottenham for the use of Wembley Stadium.