Miss Cristiano Ronaldo, Burnley players: teammates will be sad and miss because Ronaldo is not on the court

December 21-Manchester United will face Burnley in the Carling Cup. Burnley player Eidur Gudmundsen has revealed that some of the young players in the squad will feel sad about not being able to play against Cristiano Ronaldo.
Goodmundsen: “I’ve played with him a few times.” I think some of the young guys on the team will be sad that Ronaldo is not on the court. If you want to play against the best player, the lads will miss him.
But it’s not a big problem for us because Cristiano Ronaldo is still very dangerous in the penalty area and it could be a good thing for us. We don’t have to worry about him. ”
Cristiano Ronaldo has terminated his contract with Manchester United and returned to Real Madrid for training after the World Cup.