Moggi: I’m still fighting for Calciopoli. Juve have never stolen anything

On December 28, former Juve general manager Luciano Moggi was surprised at the Juve shareholders’ meeting. He also spoke in the middle of the shareholders’ speech, saying that Juve had never stolen anything and that the team had always won on the pitch. He also talked about the Calciopoli incident and financial fraud.
“A lot of people asked me why I came to talk. As you think, I see all of you like great fans in the stands, and now I’m here with you. I think I’m going to say something. I’m here for three reasons. First of all, I don’t pay much attention to the news I read in the newspaper. I know how the media works. I’m here to thank Agnelli. Winning nine league titles is not easy. These things are difficult for people to understand. Only insiders know how difficult it is. Especially in a club that has never defended itself and does not know how to defend itself, so it has become a toy in the hands of many people, especially in the media. ”
“some people say that Juve won by stealing, but that’s not true because Juve always win on the pitch and it never steals anything from anyone. Maybe someone else stole something from us, during the torrential rain in Perugia and when Rome won the league a year later, the president changed the current rules to allow Nakata Hidetoshi to play in Turin (Juve) and scored the decisive goal. passport? This has to recite the Italian brothers, the team manager forged Recoba’s passport. I’m still fighting for the phone door, and we’ve been accused of doing what other people have done. Dear President, let me give you a key clue. In the middle you can hear what Carraro, then president of the Football Association, said: ‘Fiorentina and Lazio should not be relegated.’ And before the game against Milan in December 2004, he said: ‘there is no need to help Juventus.’ ”
“I want to go on, if the financial fraud is really going to be reopened because they have found something new through eavesdropping, then the phone door needs to be reopened. This is a wound that has never healed for all of us and for Juve.”
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