Moises: You can play in any position including the goalkeeper and hope to play what you should in the FA Cup final

January 14 News Shandong Taishan foreign aid Moises recently accepted an interview, he talked about
To the upcoming FA Cup final.

Regarding the failure to defend the league title, Moises said: “It is a pity that the league failed to defend the title. But football is always a sport with unknown factors, so I hope we will always be ready for the next game. I can play
Any position including the goalkeeper. Everyone in our team did their best. Of course, the three towns of Wuhan also played very well. There is a World Cup this year, and Sun Zhunhao’s absence from part of the league matches has a great impact on us. In addition
, There are also some adjustments to the league schedule. But we have tried our best.”

As for being able to maintain his form at the age of 35, Moises said: “I will go to consolidate my physical training every morning. I have a physical coach of my own in Brazil who will guide my training through the Internet. I am very lucky that I did not appear this year.
What a big injury, I thought this year was a perfect year, but I still feel a little regretful that I didn’t win the championship. I love football very much. I often watch videos and study games. I will try my best to
Do research and try as much as possible. Of course for me, the best position is defensive midfielder, but if the team needs it, I can play any position including “goalkeeper”.

Speaking of the upcoming FA Cup final, Moises said: “Injuries and other factors on and off the field are part of football. We don’t know what will happen. We can only prepare and face the next one.”
One game. The Zhejiang team is also very strong, the whole team is also very healthy, the foreign players have no injuries, and the Chinese players have no major problems. Their results are also very good, and they won the third place in the league. But football always has
The unknown factor is a sport, so I hope we will always be ready for the next game. Zhejiang team is not a weak team, their league ranking is still ahead of Haigang, Haigang looks like it has many famous players and its strength is also very strong
Strong. But compared with the competition system of the league, there is still a big difference between the cup competition and the league. If a game is used to determine the outcome, all results are possible. So I will not be particularly surprised that this result appears on the court. Just like ours
Similarly, we have entered the final step by step. We may have more experience, but we also hope to dedicate a great game in the final. We have played against the opponent twice, and we are more familiar with this opponent.
They are a team that likes to play pass control. We have also learned some experience, but under the cup competition system, we don’t know what changes they will have. We will definitely have some changes. There are many factors that will affect the trend of the game.
, Now I don’t want to talk about these things, because I don’t want to bring bad luck to the team. Most of our team members have experienced the final of the FA Cup last year. Not only I have experience, but other players are also very experienced. I will pay attention
How to encourage my teammates so that everyone can play what they deserve in the finals.”

Regarding his future, Moises said: “First of all, I would like to thank Shandong fans. Fans often send private messages to bless me. First of all, I don’t have any physical problems, and I still feel energetic on the court. Everyone also knows that I continue
It’s been about a year. In the next year, I can still help the team, help Shandong, and contribute my strength on the field. If one day I stop playing, I hope to relearn and do things related to football, such as
I don’t have to be a coach to get my coaching certificate, but I will prepare everything in advance.”

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