Morning Post Manchester United 3-0 Charlton advance to the semi-finals of the League Cup, Rashford doubles

【Match report】

League Cup-Anthony Signature World Bo Rashford Substitute Double Ring, Manchester United 3-0 Charlton Advance

In the League Cup, Manchester United beat Charlton 3-0 to advance.
In this game, Anthony took the lead in the world wave, and Rashford made a double contribution, continuing the recent fiery momentum.

Italian Cup – Acerbi beats Lautaro in overtime

In the Coppa Italia, Inter Milan reversed Parma 2-1 in overtime to advance.
Lautaro tied in the 88th minute, and Acerbi scored a lead in extra time.

【Transfer News】

Romano:Chelsea and Atletico Madrid have signed the Felix transaction contract without a buyout clause

The Independent: Chelsea may officially announce the loan of Felix on Wednesday until the end of the season

The matter of Felix going to Chelsea has reached the final stage. Romano said that the two clubs are already exchanging documents related to the loan.
The Independent said that Chelsea may announce the official player to join today.

Schilla: Memphis Depay getting closer to joining Atletico Madrid on loan from Barcelona

According to Italian journalist Schilla, Dutch striker Memphis Depay is getting closer to joining Atletico Madrid on loan from Barcelona.

Romano:Manchester United signed a verbal agreement with Verhosted on loan, only waiting for Besiktas to find a replacement

Reporter Romano reported that Manchester United has reached a verbal agreement on Verhorst’s loan, but it still needs to wait for Besiktas to find a replacement.

Reporter: Newcastle made a verbal offer for Mukoko, with an annual salary of 9 million euros amp: a signing fee of 30 million euros

Reporter Nizaar Kinsella said that Newcastle provided Dortmund’s young striker Mukoko with an annual salary of 9 million euros, plus a generous signing fee.

【Other news】

Riyadh victory official statement: Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract does not have a clause on bidding for the World Cup

The Riyadh Victory official statement responds to the recent news that Ronaldo’s contract has a clause to help Saudi Arabia bid for the World Cup.

💥 Brawl!
Two groups of fans in Rome and Naples fought each other, sticks and smoke bombs were thrown across the street

According to the Italian media La Repubblica, a group of extreme fans of Rome and a group of extreme fans of Naples clashed, and the scene was extremely chaotic.

Liverpool and Wolves FA Cup third round rematch time confirmed: 03:45 am on January 18

Liverpool officially announced that the rematch time of the third round of the FA Cup match between Liverpool and Wolves has been confirmed. The game will kick off at 03:45 on January 18th, .