Morocco coach: France deliberately ceded the ball to us in the hope that they can win the final

December 15-Morocco lost to France and missed the final. After the match, Moroccan coach Legraji talked about the game in an interview.
“Congratulations to Deschamps and to the media around the world for letting us not talk about possession here. We learned a lot from this game, first of all, me. I told the players before the game, seriously, the progress of this game was not in my plan. I told the players that the French team would want to give us the ball, which is what they like to do and what they are good at. ”
“after the problems, it is mainly due to our technical shortcomings, and the pressure is a little bit high. We lack some accuracy in the last 30 meters, we need talented players, not that we don’t have, maybe we are too tired to do damage in the penalty area. We have nothing to regret, we have control of the ball, we accept that, we are happy about it, we have no choice after falling behind. ”
“I think when it comes to possession, my message is not well understood by the players, of course it’s important, it’s an interpretation of the game. France has reached the final and I hope they can win. ”
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