Morocco coach: Ziyech faces greater competition in the team in Paris than in Chelsea

January 31 According to previous reports from many media, Morocco international Ziyech may
Will leave Chelsea to join Paris Saint-Germain during this winter transfer period.
A few days ago, Morocco coach Walid Regraj said on the “After Foot” program of “RMC” TV station that he had not received any official news about the deal.
There is more competition within the team than at Chelsea.
He also emphasized that Ziyech can play in midfield and play the role of quarterback on the football field.

Regraji said: “I have no official news about this matter here, and I only saw this transfer rumor on social networks and the media. I will not do anything to affect the player’s decision. I think the most important thing is
It’s up to them to pick. I think he needs to pick a team where he can get enough minutes.”

“In Paris, I think Ziyech is under more pressure than in Chelsea. Maybe he can only enter the rotation when he comes here. If Paris wants to sign him, it should be more trust in him, for sure.
He will be given a certain amount of playing time.”

“The first thing to say is that there is no official news that Ziyech will join Paris. Secondly, we have to see how he joined the team, whether it is a short-term lease for four months, and then the player will return in June.
Choose to join another club? We’ll have to wait and see. I don’t have any specific requirements for where a player plays, I only focus on their mentality and performance. Ziyech may not need love from others, but he does
Enough respect. We can’t leave him alone after making a choice, you need to make things clear to him. We don’t have any problems because a lot of things are very clear from the beginning.”

“I think Ziyech is the kind of guy who likes to keep the ball at his feet. He has a very good left foot technique. He lacked playing time at Chelsea, so it has a certain impact on the competitive state. But from what I have seen him in the last few games
Judging from the performance of the game, the more time he plays, the better he shows. If the team forms a 4-3-3 formation, I think he can play two No. 8 players, and he can also play as a No. 10 player.
On the offensive end, he needs to have enough free space, and we can also see that he is not very good at defending. His advantage is his excellent ball control skills.”

“In the back of my head, I think Ziyech can play in any of the three midfield positions. With the national team, I’m thinking about putting him in a midfield position for a while. As long as he gets the ball, he
You can send that kind of accurate long pass of 30 meters or 40 meters. If the forward player runs out of a good position, Ziyech can be the quarterback on the football field. His running range is very wide. If I don’t understand
With him, I might be a little worried about him, but he has shown in the World Cup that he can run well.”