Moyes: Rice wants to play for a really good team and let him compete at the highest level

December 26 in an interview with the Times, West Ham United coach Moyes talked about the team midfielder Declan Rice, he said that the player is eager to win.
Moyes said: “he wants to win, play for a really good team and give him the opportunity to compete at the highest level.” We hope we can get into the Champions League, but at the moment it is very difficult. But we’re not just going to do nothing and let Rice out of the building, that’s for sure. ”
“it will be a fierce battle and I like that because he wants to challenge himself, he wants to play important games and become a top player, and I don’t think you will ever stop anyone from achieving these ambitions. He played very well and he did very well in the World Cup. ”
“as a young player, he has really taken responsibility, you think about what he will be like in the next four or five years, how mature and progressive he will be as a player and leader, all of which is going to happen. It’s all in front of him.”
(Ma Dongyu)