“Mr. Nanguo” in the teacher of the Champion? What happened to Lautaro at the World Cup?

The 2022 Qatar World Cup ended with Argentina winning the World Cup. While the Pampas Eagle spread its wings and soared, there was a lot of criticism about Lautaro Martinez. The reason is that the Bulls have repeatedly missed opportunities in many games, especially in the World Cup finals, which nearly made Argentina and Lionel Messi lose the World Cup; the original Star of Hope almost became a national sinner. What happened to Lautaro? Next, let’s analyze it together.
Lautaro Martinez
Brief introduction of career
Name: Lautaro Martinez (Lautaro Mart í nez)
Birthday / age: August 22, 1997 (25)
Nationality: Argentina
Place of birth: Port Blanca (Argentina)
Position: forward
Height: 174cm
Weight: 72kg
Habitual foot: right foot
Youth team: competitive Club (Argentina)
Currently working for the team: Inter Milan (Italy)
Jersey number: No. 10
Nickname: Bull
On August 22, 1997, Lautaro Martinez was born in Blanca City, Argentina’s largest food export port. Lautaro’s parents are enthusiastic fans of the Argentine club Riverbed. Lautaro, who was nurtured by football from an early age, also inherited the natural talent of Argentines and entered the local football school in Blanca City for professional training at the age of 12.
In 2012, 15-year-old Lautaro was spotted by scouts from Racing Club de Avellaneda, a veteran Argentine club, and officially joined the Argentine youth team in 2014.
Lautaro met Bleen’s teacher Diego Milito.
With his excellent physical condition and athletic talent, Lautaro successfully promoted from the U18 echelon to the first team in just one season, and it was in this year that Lautaro met his real “Bole”. Inter’s “five champions” meritorious star: Diego Milito.
When Diego Milito’s contract with Internazionale expired in 2014, the 35-year-old Argentine veteran returned to his home country to join his home team’s competitive club. in this way, Lautaro and Milito, 18 years apart, became teammates; in the same position, similar physical conditions and similar playing style, Milito paid close attention to Lautaro’s growth.
March 25, 2016, Diego Milito officially announced his retirement and transformed into the top management of the competitive club to become the general manager of the team. The change of role did not reduce Milito’s attention to Lautaro, and Lautaro himself lived up to expectations. Since becoming the main force of the team in 2016, Lautaro has scored 31 goals and delivered 10 assists in 61 games for Atletico in the next two years.
Wonderful goals during the competitive period
Under 20-year-old Lautaro has such amazing efficiency, general manager Milito moved the idea of sending the little brother to Europe for development, the first thing he thought of was his old club Inter Milan; on March 4, 2018, at the gracious invitation of Milito, Inter sporting director Osirio flew to Argentina to watch the Lautaro match.
Lautaro scored five goals in two Serie A games and two South American Libertadores. Milito in the VIP table was smiling and Osirio beside him was dumbfounded; after returning to Milan, the professional scout-turned Osirio made a detailed player report to the club, which opened the door to Lautaro Martinez’s European giants.
Join Inter Milan
On July 04, 2018, Inter Milan officially announced the signing of Lautaro Martinez for a transfer fee of 25 million euros. The 21-year-old Lautaro officially landed on the Apennines Peninsula.
Unlike many South American players in Europe, Lautaro, who first entered Serie A, did not show the slightest discomfort, and his humble character made him mingle with the big brothers of the Nerazzurri. With the departure of Icardi, Lautaro was pushed to the main forward position by Conti, and Lautaro also lived up to expectations and successfully took over the baton.
press forward to the enemy’s capital
In the 20×21 season, Lautaro ushered in a full-scale outbreak. The “Iron Bull combination” formed by him and Lukaku scored 19 goals and 11 assists in 48 appearances in all competitions, which not only helped Inter return to the long-lost Golden Cup of Serie A, but also followed the Argentine national team to the Copa America.
So far this season, Lautaro has played 21 games on behalf of the Nerazzurri, contributing 8 goals and 6 assists. Although Lautaro had a brief goal shortage at the beginning of the season, his role in Inter is still irreplaceable. Especially in the case of Lukaku’s long-term injury, the combination of Lautaro and Dzeko has supported the Nerazzurri’s frontcourt attack.
A brief Analysis of the reasons for the low performance in the World Cup
I. the technical characteristics of Lautaro
As we all know, Lautaro’s nickname is “Bull”. The Bulls are characterized by strong impact, and so is Lautaro. He is one of the few “strikers” in football who like to play hard with opposing defenders. Running in the frontcourt also facilitates the high-level oppression of the team as a whole.
“Fengfeng” attribute
In addition, mobility and flexibility has always been the strength of South American players, especially Argentine players, this feature is mainly reflected in the offensive end of the interspersed running ability and frontcourt organization ability, Lautaro-Martinez is no exception, born with fine technology with good physical coordination, so that Lautaro’s back to get rid of the ability to have a unique style, has also become an important weapon for the team to tear through the opponent’s line of defense.
However, so far, Lautaro’s biggest problem is: the ability to end, for a striker, the core criterion to judge whether it is efficient or not is the efficiency of goals, and the ability to seize opportunities can often help the team out of trouble. And Lautaro is precisely because of the lack of shooting and wasted opportunities, so it has been repeatedly criticized.
For Lautaro’s many missed opportunities in this World Cup, fans who are familiar with Serie An or Inter are not surprised. In Inter, Lautaro’s shooting ending efficiency has always been lower than that of former teammate Icardi and current teammate Dzeko. So far this season, Lautaro has failed to exceed 35% in terms of shooting rate, goal conversion rate and chance.
Shooting is inefficient.
Of course, Lautaro’s relative “inefficiency” is also closely related to the high-intensity chain defense of Serie A. however, from the perspective of dialectics, it is precisely because Lautaro’s outstanding running ability infinitely magnifies his slightly awkward ability to grasp opportunities in front of the door. therefore, the issue of shooting accuracy will also become the biggest stumbling block for Lautaro to enter the top strikers.
Second, Lautaro’s personality characteristics
Lautaro off the court is humble and mature, taking Lautaro’s first season at Inter as an example: at that time, the Nerazzurri’s leading striker was Icardi, and the newcomer Lautaro never fell out with Icardi, Spalletti and Inter executives because of location and playing time.
Physical and psychological attributes are relatively balanced.
On the contrary, the young and mature Lautaro also learned the lessons of the failure of Internazionale Barbosa. He listened attentively to the coach’s advice, devoted himself to daily training to improve himself, and mingled with many teammates, including Icardi. Even in the days when Icardi was refrigerated by the club for “faking the injury door,” Lautaro interceded for Icardi many times in the interview. The healthy competition situation also ushered in his own opportunity, which led to the blockbuster at the level of Lautaro club.
However, once on the pitch, the blood boiling in the bones of the “Pampas Eagle” still makes Lautaro more prone to emotional fluctuations, and this emotional personality can easily lead to ups and downs in the performance of players on the field. this phenomenon occurred during Lautaro’s playing for Inter and the Argentine national team.
The continuous offside of body hair against Saudi Arabia in the World Cup group stage seriously affected Lautaro’s mentality.
In the first game of the World Cup against Saudi Arabia, the continuous body hair offside completely broke Lautaro’s mentality. The original sense of goals that went smoothly was disrupted by the frequent intervention of VAR. Since then, Lautaro fell into the strange circle of goal drought, and the more anxious he was to prove himself, the more difficult it was to score a goal, and finally Alvarez took the starting position.
III. Lautaro’s tactical characteristics
On many occasions, Lautaro is widely defined as an all-around striker. During the Argentine national team’s World Cup qualifier in South America, Lautaro contracted almost one person to do all the “dirty work” at the offensive end of the frontcourt. Its value in Scaloni’s tactical system far exceeds the contribution of a few goals.
Lost the final game in the World Cup final.
However, in the World Cup match, hundreds of millions of fans focused not only on the positive attitude of the “Pampas Eagles” strikers, but also on wonderful goals, especially after the unexpected defeat by Saudi Arabia in the first game. The stressful Scaroni simply did not have enough time to help Lautaro recover his shooting boots. Judging the hour and sizing up the situation is what Scaroni conforms to the hearts and minds of the people, of course, it is not so fair to Lautaro.
Inter Milan fans obviously have a better say in the loss of the Lautaro World Cup. Whether under Conti or Inzaghi, Lautaro needs another traditional high center as a helper. Lukaku and Dzeko both play such roles, and the status of “wingman” is obviously more suitable for Lautaro’s play.
Lukaku Lautaro is connected.
With the involvement of the center players, Lautaro can have more space to run and catch the ball in the second forward position, and Lautaro’s own ability to get rid of and cope with the ball can disperse more firepower for the center players and the players behind the midfield. such benign complementarity is the key to Lautaro’s success in Inter.
However, in the Argentine national team, traditional center players like Batistuta and Crespo have been out of gear for many years, and the attack group with Messi as the axis is in urgent need of a powerful striker to destroy the city. So Lautaro, who likes “heaven and earth”, is naturally placed in the center position.
Under the high confrontation, there will be a big deviation in the shooting accuracy.
It should be noted that Lautaro’s height is only 174cm, in the center position, whether it is holding the ball or hand-to-hand combat, Lautaro can not take the slightest advantage, not to mention that the World Cup brings together elite players in central defenders of various countries, coupled with the fact that there is no high center around Lautaro, under the high-intensity confrontation, the problem of Argentine’s ability to make a final decision is infinitely magnified.
There is also great potential in the crisis.
To sum up, Lautaro Martinez’s loss in this World Cup is not only a matter of his personal ability to seize opportunities, but also a major hidden danger for the entire Argentine national team to attack in the front court in the future. Fans criticize Lautaro’s poor shooting skills, but also do not ignore his ability to run and create opportunities. I believe that in the 2026 World Cup, a more mature Lautaro will reappear in front of the world.
(lan Ling TCFB)