Mukoko and Dortmund renewed their contract for 3 years, with an annual salary of 6 million 10 million signing fee agent commission

January 20 According to the latest news from the reporter team of German media Bild
According to reports, Dortmund will complete the contract extension with Mukoko, and the new contract will be signed before the game with Augsburg (3:30 pm on Sunday).

Mukoko’s new contract lasts for three years. In the best case, his annual salary can reach 6 million euros, and there is also a huge signing fee of more than 10 million euros.

That’s not all: Mukoko’s agent Patrick Williams (Wasserman Brokerage Company) also has a generous remuneration: a commission of about 5 million euros, plus a 10% commission on Mukoko’s base salary.

In general, Mukoko’s treatment at a total price of about 35 million euros (6 goals and 4 assists this season) is good, and he could have transferred for free in the summer.

The Mukoko family and team will not consider this option for a long time.
Not least because the brilliant attacker would have earned a higher salary in England, with top clubs such as Chelsea or Newcastle trying to lure him with signing fees of up to €30m.
In addition, he can earn almost 10 million euros per season there.

However, in the end, the player himself calmed down. He understood that only in Dortmund can he get sufficient opportunities and stable development space.