Munich Daily: After the new goalkeeper coach joined, Nubel’s hope of returning to Bayern has greatly increased

February 10 According to the report of the German media “Munich Daily”, Bayern Munich’s German goalkeeper who is on loan in Monaco
Nubel may return to play in Munich at the end of this season.

The “Munich Daily” reported that with the addition of the new goalkeeper coach Rehner, Nubel’s chances of returning to Bayern Munich are now greatly increased.
Because Rehner will examine the positional competition between goalkeepers from a more objective and neutral perspective.

There have been rumors that although the loan agreement between Nubel and Monaco expires this summer, the player himself is not willing to return to Bayern Munich to play because he does not see a starting opportunity there.
But now, with the original goalkeeper coach and Neuer’s confidant Tapanovic being fired, Rehner joined as Nagelsmann’s confidant, and Nubel seems to see a greater starting opportunity.

On the other hand, the “Munich Daily” reported that Monaco has expressed to Bayern Munich the intention to convert Nubel’s loan into a permanent transfer, but so far, Monaco has not received any response from Bayern Munich.
Bayern Munich plans to have a conversation with Nubel this summer about his future.