Murphy: Eriksson’s injury happens from time to time in the game, Ten Hag can’t keep complaining

February 2nd, Murphy said in talkSPORT’s program, Ten Hag is not
Should have been complaining about Eriksen being shoveled by the opponent, because this kind of thing happens from time to time in the game.

In the previous FA Cup match between Manchester United and Reading, Eriksson was seriously fouled by Carroll and suffered an injury. He may be absent until the end of April.
Ten Hag also expressed his dissatisfaction at the press conference.

In this regard, Murphy said: “I just don’t understand why Ten Hag has to stand up and complain about this, because such things happen from time to time in football games. Eriksson is absent, he is very disappointed, we
I don’t want to see bad tackles either. But he started complaining and even made a point about Martinez being elbowed!”

“I don’t mind him saying, ‘I was disappointed with that tackle, Carroll should have been sent off, it sucks, I’m sorry Eriksen got injured, but that’s football, it happens, that’s why
We need to have a strong squad and we have to keep going’.”