Muta Lifu and Fan Chao scored goals, U20 National Youth internal teaching match white team 2-0 red team

According to reporter Ma Dexing, U20 National Youth held an internal teaching session on the afternoon of January 6
As a result, the white team scored a goal in the first half and the second half, winning the red team 2-0.

In the first half, the white team’s winger Muta Lifu seized an opportunity to counter-attack in the frontcourt in the 8th minute and took the lead in breaking the deadlock on the court.
In the second half, both the red and white teams replaced some players, especially the red team, which was behind, adjusted two attacking players in an attempt to tie the score as soon as possible.
In the 7th minute of the second half, the White team once again took advantage of the counterattack in the frontcourt. After a pass from the left, No. 11 Fan Chao, who was outflanking in place from the center, shot at the far post, rewriting the score to 2-0.
In the end, the white team won the red team 2-0 in two 60-minute quarters.

According to the arrangement, after disbanding at noon today, the Chinese U20 National Youth Team will regroup in Chongqing on January 15, and then take a flight from Chongqing to Dubai directly on January 16 for a half-month training.
Then at the beginning of February, the team will transfer from the United Arab Emirates to Croatia to continue preparations, and fly directly from Croatia to Uzbekistan at the end of February to start the final sprint for the first U20 Asian Cup group match against Japan on March 3

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