Nacho: Vinicius was still a child, but he was placed on the cusp of controversy

February 05 News Real Madrid defender Nacho accepted an interview with Movistar after the match against Mallorca

The game was very tough, very intense, and Real Madrid also suffered a defeat away from home:

Yes, it was very difficult, Mallorca defended well, they scored with some luck, but Real Madrid didn’t play too well, especially after creating chances in front of goal, it’s a pity we lost 3 points today.

So do you think Mallorca’s performance caught you by surprise today?

We knew before the game that the game would not be easy, because the game time was quite unfriendly to us, and our rest time was also very insufficient.
Mallorca have performed very well this season, and their defense is also very solid, the backcourt is very tight, and after they take the lead, the game is even more difficult to play.

In the end, Muric’s shot turned into your own goal. Does this make you more disappointed and sad?

This kind of thing will always happen, after all, football is like this, sometimes luck is like this.
We also had a penalty kick, and we had a chance later, but we didn’t score it. It’s a pity that we lost 3 points.

Today we also saw various controversies and voices about Vinicius before the game. Do you think these external pressures have even overwhelmed the team?

I think the atmosphere around Vinicius is not good for everyone, not good for Vinicius, not good for the fans, not good for the general public, it puts a kid at the forefront, we should enjoy his football
, because football is a wonderful game, not entangled in controversy.