Nagelsmann: Mbappe can change the game by himself, and there will be a good way to deal with him in the second round

February 15th in the first round of the UEFA Champions League 1/8 final in the early hours of this morning
In the round of the contest, Bayern defeated Paris Saint-Germain 1-0 and took the lead.

In an interview with UEFA’s official website after the game, Bayern coach Nagelsmann said: “We played very well in the first 25 minutes, controlled very well. We can attack the goal more directly. We have a feeling that we
Surprised by how much possession there was and how much Paris chose to defend. I know they always defend, but I was a little surprised they were so passive, so deep and not fighting to win the ball.”

“Mbappe can change games on his own and when he came off the bench PSG woke up and they were a better team with Mbappe than without him. But in the second leg,
We’ll have a good approach against Mbappé, we’ll be able to hurt them in attack.”

(Ma Dongyu)