Nasser: if I can decide, I want to give Messi and Mbappe a trophy each

December 19 early this morning, Argentina beat France in the World Cup final penalty shootout, after the match Paris Saint-Germain President Nasser accepted the media interview.
Nasser said: “I am proud of Qatar, we have proved that Qatar can also organize the best games in the world, we have proved to everyone that we can do it, I think this is the best final in the history of the World Cup.”
“as president of a French club, I feel sad for France and I feel sad for Mbappe, who did better than perfect today. If I could decide, I would give Messi and Mbappe a trophy each, and it would be difficult for me to make a choice. ”
“but I am also happy for Lionel Messi, which is the finishing touch of his career and he definitely deserves it. Mbappe still has a lot of time to win more European Cups and World Cups.”
“as a club, we broke the record and Paris Saint-Germain players scored the most goals in this World Cup. We are proud of the players in Paris and, of course, Ashraff who reached the semi-finals. ”
“keep Mbappe and Messi? Needless to say, they are the two players who scored the most goals and performed best in this World Cup. I don’t want to say anything about Messi. We have agreed to communicate after the World Cup. ”
(goblin killer)