Neuer: The poor defense of the German team is nothing new and I should not be responsible for the team’s exit

February 4 News A few days ago, Neuer talked about the World Cup in an interview.
The specific content is as follows:

Why did Germany fail to qualify for the group stage?

Because the game against Japan in the second half was unspeakably bad, we played well against Spain, people said it was probably one of the best games in the World Cup, and against Costa Rica we were fine in the end because of the goal difference.

Germany’s defense is too bad?

That’s nothing new, for a long time, it’s been a difficult thing for us to defend as a team, you can look at the goals we conceded in the game and the goals we conceded in the warm-up before going to Doha, Oman should be ahead of us, then

After the German team was eliminated early, some people accused the hotel where the team stayed was too extravagant and festive

After every event people look for the narrative that fits the results, everyone says how good we were at the 2014 World Cup, in fact most of the games we have problems, where we live is not finished, the car is leaking, from 6am in the morning
, the animals are calling, be it a canary or a monkey, it’s like living in the jungle, no one wants to hear that.
I would have slept better in Vatudinki (Germany’s stronghold in Moscow in 2018).

How would you rate your performance in Qatar

I was always criticizing myself, the German goalkeeping coach Kronenberg analyzed everything with me, we were both telling the truth, but he didn’t blame me.
I often look in the mirror and ask myself ‘did you do your best, did you make the right decision’?
You can’t answer ‘yes’ all the time, when you concede there are always people saying you could have done it differently, but that criticism is based on watching 20 replays and I’m very happy with that.

When people say I’m responsible for Germany’s defeat, it hurts me, in a way it really hurts.
I thought ‘wow, if that’s the reason then I know what’s going on’.
I don’t know if there were protests against me, but that’s how it went.

The thing that hurts me the most is the competitive level, we were eliminated, we failed in 2018 and now we have failed again.
I’m a very team player and the hardest thing for me is when we failed as a team.