Neville: Arsenal will not win the league title, they will go through a very difficult period

In the Sky Sports program, Manchester United star Gary Neville talked about the possibility of Arsenal winning the Premier League
, despite the Gunners having just won the north London derby, Neville says Arsenal will not win the league.

Neville said: “They will not win the league title, Manchester City will win the title, I think Manchester United will get second, I know this will annoy Arsenal fans! I want Arsenal to win the league title, not Manchester City, I think
Think it will be an absolute sensation for the Premier League.”

“I think in the last five years of the Premier League, Manchester City have won every title except Liverpool once. Imagine if Arsenal could win the title, it would complement our league, make our league
become even better.”

“But the truth is, I think City will succeed at some point and they have two more games against Arsenal. If Haaland starts scoring goals, if City start going forward, if their defense starts to strengthen, then Rude
Ben Dias has found his form and if they can do that, I think City will win the title.”

“Arsenal are going to go through a really tough part of the season at some point, are they going to continue playing like that? I don’t think so. Are they going to draw 2 out of 3 and lose 1? If so
, their lead is gone, will that baggage go with them? I think that’s what’s going to happen.”