Neville: the World Cup is Messi’s mission. They deserve today’s victory.

Lionel Messi and his Argentina qualified for the World Cup final again today.
Interestingly, Croatia and Morocco remained unbeaten before the semi-finals, while Argentina and France, the favourites, each lost one game. In today’s semi-final, the Argentine was more aggressive than the last 1/4 final against the Netherlands. They added a midfielder to the starting line-up. What is interesting is that the other teams remain basically the same lineup, only Scaroni’s team substitutes one game at a time. They played 4-3-3 at first, 5-3-2 in the last game, and 4-4-2 today.
In the first half, Argentina was mainly defensive. Lionel Messi played very carefully in the game and the other Argentine players created opportunities for him through wide movement, which is exactly what he needed. The third goal was his moment of genius. The World Cup is Lionel Messi’s mission, and it is also the mission that Messi has accomplished alone. There are ten fighters around him. They also have the best fans in the World Cup and the team continues to grow throughout the World Cup.
Argentina deserved today’s victory and their performance was impressive. They play comfortably and look strong on the pitch. Young players like Alvarez and Enzo Fernandez played an incredible game. With Alvarez’s running ability and energy, as well as Messi’s personal ability, you will always have a chance. They will find such an opportunity again on Sunday.