Newcastle United vs Chelsea match preview analysis: Chelsea’s recovery is in danger

Two sides: Newcastle United vs Chelsea Event type: Premier League 9th round Match time: 20:30, November 21 Match address: Premier League live

Newcastle United: Favorable information 1. Newcastle United’s home half is pretty good. Nearly 12 home games in all competitions have had the ball in 11 half-time games, while their opponent Chelsea has had the ball in as many as 13 half-time games in the last 14 away games. Comprehensive
From the looks of it, the half chance of this game is still good.
2. Newcastle United’s offense has improved. This season’s 11 main games have only 1 goalless draw, which is much stronger than last season.
3. Newcastle United has scored consecutive points in the last 10 home games, while the previous 8 home games have drawn 5 draws.
Unfavorable information 1. Newcastle United’s defense has declined significantly. This season’s 8 Premier League games have only 1 draw. Among them, they still conceded goals against offensively incompetent teams such as Burnley and Brighton.
Zhongli Intelligence 1. Newcastle United is a mid-to-lower team in the Premier League. The team is weak in offense and poor in style of play, but has a good key ball ability.
Chelsea: Favorable information 1. Chelsea’s unbeaten ability is still strong. This season, they only lost 1 game in 13 games, and their opponent was Liverpool, but there were many draws.
2. Chelsea have recently strengthened their defense, and the effect is obvious. They have only conceded 1 goal in the last 6 games, and have zero concedes against quasi-first-class teams such as Manchester United and Sevilla.
3. Chelsea have scored at least 2 goals in as many as 13 of the last 14 domestic games, of which 10 games have over 2.5 goals, but the team likes to score 0-0 with small goals.
Zhongli Intelligence 1. Chelsea is a traditional giant in the Premier League. The team has made great efforts in signings this season, but their performance has been unacceptable. The overall offense is good, but the defense is not good, temporarily ranking fifth in the Premier League.