Nubel is unwilling to cooperate with Bayern goalkeeper coach, goalkeeper coach said Nubel is ungrateful

According to the latest report from TOBIAS ALTSCH FFL, deputy editor of German newspaper Bild, the preferred goal for Bayern to replace Neuer, who was reimbursed for the season, is to recall Nubel, who has been rented to Monaco.
Nubel’s agent Stefan told Bild that Nubel had a relationship with goalkeeper coach Tony Tapalovich (42): “they don’t have any relationship because they haven’t talked to each other.”
In other words, Nubel’s team cannot imagine how Tapalovich would return to Bayern if he were the goalkeeper’s coach.
Background: Tapalovich is considered a close partner of Neuer and the captain of Bayern is his best friend and best man. They often go on holiday together, such as going to Croatia. During the ban on team training during the April 2020 epidemic, there was a video of Neuer and Tapalovich training with him in the garden of Villa Neuer in Tegenser.
His attitude: if Nubel returns to Bayern Munich now, the pressure as a new club will be enormous. Nubel needs a confidant by his side and the goalkeeper coach is his most important contact. The clear message from Mr Nubel is that he is unwilling to go back under the circumstances.
Neuer’s agent Thomas Klaus told Bild: “Why didn’t Nubel call Manuel or Tony Tapalovich to discuss the situation calmly?” Why only focus on the media? The two men knew each other, and it was Tapalovich and Manuel who recommended Bayern to sign Noubel in the early days. So they played an important role in joining Bayern Munich in 2020. ”
Mr Tapalovich himself is said to be surprised by the statements. After all, according to Bild, he recommended Nubel to Bayern executives after only two Bundesliga matches. Tapalovich also helped him move to Monaco on loan and called the then coach Nico Kovic to recommend Nubel.
During his stay in Monaco, there are said to be telephone and WhatsApp exchanges between Tapalovich and Nubel (including Christmas 2021). Nubel himself stressed in an interview that he did not need continuous feedback from Munich.
Emm… No matter who is telling the truth, it is hard to imagine a prospect of coexistence among the three.