official: Brazilian company DIS will appeal to the Spanish High Court over Neymar’s transfer case 2

Today, the local high court in Barcelona, Spain, handed down the verdict in the Neymar transfer case, rejecting the charges made by Brazil’s DIS brokerage company against the Neymar family, former Barcelona chairman Rossell and Bartomeu, and others, and acquitted Neymar and others.
In response, DIS issued a statement saying that it would continue to appeal to the Spanish High Court, insisting on allegations of commercial fraud and corruption, and hoped that the Spanish judicial system would investigate and impose due penalties.
Neymar transfer case 2
DIS, a Brazilian company that once owned 40 per cent of Neymar, accused the Barcelona, Santos and Neymar families of concealing actual costs and causing losses to their rights and interests during Neymar’s transfer in 2013. DIS sued in Spanish courts for the imprisonment of Neymar, Rossell, Bartoya, Neymar’s father and others.