Official: Chelsea signed the 22-year-old midfielder Enzo, the transfer fee is 121 million euros in installments

Official news, Chelsea signed Benfica midfielder Enzo, the total transfer fee is 121 million euros, Chelsea will install it


The Benfica club announced that the team has reached an agreement on the transfer of Enzo Fernandez to Chelsea with a transaction value of 121 million euros.

Further information shows that Chelsea will have the right to retain 3.78% (4.57 million euros) of the transfer fee, which will be allocated to the youth training team that trains players in the future.
Benfica will charge 6.56% (7.93 million euros) of the transfer fee as an intermediary fee.
In addition, River Plate will take 25% of the transfer fee (30.25 million euros).

Enzo became the king of bids in this winter window and is also the most expensive transfer in Premier League history.

Enzo is 22 years old, an Argentine international and a midfielder. He has played 25 games on behalf of Benfica this season and contributed 4 goals and 6 assists.
Argentine midfielder Enzo Fernandez made his debut in the River Plate youth training, and will transfer to the Portuguese Super League Benfica in July 2022 for a total price of 18 million euros.