Official: Urawa Red Diamonds winger Matsuo Yusuke joined Westeros on loan

January 31 News Westeros officially announced that Urawa Red Diamonds winger Matsuo Yusuke joined the team on loan.

Matsuo Yusuke is 25 years old, and he plays as a left winger or second forward. He has good breakthrough ability and speed.
He debuted in the Urawa Red Diamonds youth training. After graduating from Sendai University, he chose to join Yokohama FC, and then transferred to Urawa Red Diamonds early last year.
Represented the Urawa Red Diamonds in 40 appearances in various competitions, scoring 11 goals and contributing 7 assists.

It is reported that Yusuke Matsuo first joined Westeros on loan, with a one-year lease and a buyout clause.
Yusuke Matsuo left a message to the fans on the official website of Urawa Red Diamonds: “I grew up in the youth training system of Urawa Red Diamonds, but at that time I had nothing but setbacks and failures. So when I agreed to transfer to Urawa Red Diamonds, I was determined.
But when I played for one season, I fell in love with this team. Considering my age, this may be my last chance to study abroad, and I can’t imagine myself not accepting this challenge. The reason why I can get this study abroad
The opportunity is precisely because I came to Urawa Red Diamonds. Matsuo Yusuke, ready to go!”

In addition, Matsuo Yusuke has made new progress in his personal life as well as his professional career.
According to the “Benchun Weekly” report, Matsuo Yusuke is dating the 23-year-old former Japanese idol group NGT48 member Ogino Yuka. Ogino Yuka, who has been a Urawa Red Diamond fan since childhood, is currently in a semi-cohabitation state with Matsuo Yusuke.