Old Bay: From next season, Monza aims to win the Serie A championship and make Monza a bigger club

In an interview with reporters on February 4th, Monza chairman Silvio Berlusconi said that Monza
Zha’s future goal is to win the Serie A championship.

Berlusconi said: “Since Palladino took office, we have tied for fifth in Serie A with Milan. We really believe in Monza and want to make Monza a bigger club. Me and Galliani
We want to lead Monza to win the Serie A title next year and next year, this is our next goal.”

“After the acquisition of Monza we started to recruit, we renovated the training ground, doubled the area, now we have the largest training base in Italy. Then we also spent 25 million euros on the renovation of the stadium. We just came to Monza
When I played, there were only 300 people watching each game, now there are 10,000 people.”

“We must remain united. The slogan now written in the dressing room reads: Those who believe in Monza can overcome all obstacles and win. We must make Monza stronger.”

(Real Steel)