Opponent: Cristiano Ronaldo does not play here for money and ambition, his arrival accelerates the development of Arab football

January 26, when interviewed by FootMercato reporter, Daman Itifak defender Tisse
Lan talked about the topic of Ronaldo joining Riyadh Victory.

There has been more talk about Arab football since Ronaldo joined Victory in Riyadh, what do you think?
When there was news that Ronaldo might come here to play, did you believe it?

“The news is not true or false. Rumors have their value. Now in the football world, everything is possible. Ronaldo came here to play, not to get a higher salary, but more because of his ambition.
It’s about what Ronaldo wants to do, what is his next step in his career. So why not? Ronaldo can finish his career here.”

“C Ronaldo’s victory in Riyadh has brought a great boost to our league and Arab football. People began to pay more attention to the football here, and we have the opportunity to usher in Ronaldo’s first victory in Riyadh. This is for us.
It is a good opportunity. Cristiano Ronaldo is still a top star, and I hope more stars will come here to play in the future.”

What do you think of Ronaldo’s performance in the game?

“He’s still fit and he’s always been that different star. We did a good job defensively in this game, everyone was more focused than ever and Ronaldo was ‘specially looked after’.
Although Ronaldo didn’t score a goal, he indirectly helped his teammates score goals. And Ronaldo is still physically fit. Of course, his physical fitness now is definitely not comparable to when he was 20 years old, but his physical fitness is still very good, and he passed
The running position created a lot of threats for us. This is his first official game with his teammates, so the coordination is a little rusty. But I know he will adapt here soon, and we all know how self-disciplined Ronaldo is.

“C Ronaldo has a strong personal ability, he can always attract the attention of defensive players, as long as he appears in the penalty area, it is impossible for defensive players not to pay attention to Ronaldo, but this will also cause us to pay attention to Ronaldo.
Ignoring the existence of other players, the presence of Ronaldo can create more space and more opportunities for his teammates.”

There have been recent media reports that Messi, Ramos and even Modric could all come to play in the Saudi league. Do you think this might become the norm in the next few years?

“If it is true, I will be relieved that I chose to come here to play football. I have also seen some rumors before that some excellent players came here to play football. Anyway, various rumors continue, and
The arrival of Ronaldo opens up the possibility, which is good for the league as a whole and for everyone. Of course we want to play with these top stars, which can have a very positive impact on us, so I hope
In the future, other stars will come to play with us.”

“What is certain is that Ronaldo is an iconic player. His joining will bring a lot of discussion, attract a lot of investors and a lot of media attention. Now the whole Arab football has undergone great changes.
, everyone wants to host more events and upgrade their stadium.”

(Real Steel)