Owen: After Ronaldo left, people thought there was no goal scorer, but Rashford stepped forward

February 14 News Owen talked about Rashford when he was a guest on the Premier League program.
I think Rashford has shown amazing form after the World Cup.

“When Ronaldo left, people thought nobody was scoring goals for United, Anthony Martial couldn’t find consistency, and before this season nobody thought Marcus Rashford was a prolific striker.

“But Rashford was the one who stepped up, he got the starting spot, United now need a centre-forward and if he can be as efficient as Rashford then United will be title contenders

“At the moment, the way Rashford is doing, he’s leading the team, it’s amazing, it’s great. We’ve all seen him, frankly, whether it’s center or left, or even
On the right, I think Rashford played really well.”

Antonio said: “I don’t think he is a No. 9 player, he is a left winger. He likes to create space by running. He scored more goals on the left than when he played as a center forward.
At the beginning of the season, it was unclear whether he would be included in the England squad. In the end he was called up, and then he scored some incredible goals. After the World Cup, he became a different player. The World Cup gave
He’s driven, he’s carried his form into the Premier League.”

Owen continued: “I think he’s a different player after the World Cup, he didn’t think he was one of the best at the time, but everything he’s done now has shown he’s at the top.
Players at this level can’t fail, have a lot of confidence and Rashford proved that.”

Antonio: “The coach is the key, the player needs to feel the trust that the coach gives him, and then he will have confidence in himself. I don’t know what Ten Hag did, but Rashford found his place, after the World Cup
Has been doing great.”