Paris left “horse” complaints, L’Equipe: Neymar complained about his teammates many times during the game, especially Vitignia

February 12 Paris Ligue 1 lost 1-3 to Monaco, suffered two
losing streak.
According to L’Equipe, Neymar complained about his teammates several times during the game.

The L’Equipe stated that the Paris players did not respond to the unfavorable situation in the game.
Some blamed and complained throughout the first half, with Neymar at the center of the tension.

During the game, Neymar complained many times to his teammates, especially Vitinia. The Brazilian believed that he was not in the right rhythm in the game, did not receive and pass the ball correctly, and the Monaco players present were also surprised by this scene.

And Ekitik also drew the ire of Neymar, who regretted some of the former’s choices in the game with unkind words.
Neymar was in a very depressed mood throughout the game.

Netizens took screenshots and said that Vitinia did not pass the ball to the unmarked Neymar, which made the latter very dissatisfied