Parisian: Burleigh and Nasser met on Tuesday to discuss the feasibility of Neymar’s transfer

February 16 According to a report from “Parisian”, Chelsea boss Todd Burleigh on Tuesday
I met with Paris Saint-Germain chairman Nasser in Paris. It is reported that one of the topics discussed by the two is the feasibility of Neymar’s transfer.

“Parisian” pointed out that since last summer, Chelsea has expressed interest in Neymar’s situation, and then Chelsea coach Tuchel hopes to cooperate with Neymar again.

According to reports, Burleigh likes Neymar very much, and he does not see Neymar’s strong desire to stay in Paris. A transfer fee of around 60 million euros is not a problem for Chelsea.
The membership fee is close to 370 million euros, which is a record figure, and whether Chelsea can afford Neymar’s current annual salary of 36 million euros remains to be confirmed.

However, “The Parisian” also added that Chelsea are still closely monitoring the situation of former Spain coach Luis Enrique and hope that he can replace Graham Porter.
And Luis Enrique is of course no stranger to coaching Neymar. The two worked together at Barcelona and helped the team win the Treble in 2015.

Earlier this week, several French media said that Paris Saint-Germain was preparing to try to sell Neymar again this summer.