Pedri: I hope that the Super Cup will become Harvey’s first championship in coaching Barcelona

01 January 13 News Barcelona midfielder Pedri was named the MVP of the battle against Betis,
And attended the post-match press conference

Although he was named MVP, what do you think of Ter Stegen’s performance?
Does he deserve it too?

Without a doubt, I think he deserved to sit here today more than I did and it was his fantastic save that allowed us to go through and a big thank you to him for his performance.

How did you decide on the penalty kick?
Did he sign up on his own initiative, or did Harvey choose someone?

It was decided by assistant coach Sergio Alegre, who is in charge of our technical and tactical aspects.
Before the penalty shootout, he had already identified all the candidates for the penalty kick. Fortunately, we all scored this time.

After qualifying for the final, it seemed that the whole Barcelona team was very happy, while Real Madrid didn’t seem so excited after yesterday’s game. What does it mean for you to beat Real Madrid and win the championship?

How to put it, I don’t pay much attention to how Real Madrid celebrate, I think we need to focus on ourselves, now Barcelona’s goal is to win the championship.
This season, Barcelona must try their best to win every championship. We need to go all out, and everyone in Barcelona is determined to win the Super Cup.

Why is Barcelona always unable to win as soon as possible, especially in this knockout game?

Yes, we are now after the first goal, everyone is a little relaxed, now we need to adjust this state, score as many goals as possible, because opponents like Betis, if you give them a chance, they will cause huge damage to themselves

Facing Real Madrid, what does Barcelona need to do to win?

Against Real Madrid we need to control the game, we will study the previous games and see where our problems are.
Real Madrid will definitely cause us huge troubles, no matter what the state is, Real Madrid is very hardworking.

How do you evaluate the status of Courtois and Ter Stegen?
Look like the two best goalkeepers in the world right now?

Yes, both goalkeepers are in very good form, and there are very few goalkeepers who have the form of both of them these days.

What do you think if the final against Real Madrid was also very difficult, but won the championship with a penalty kick in the end?

I have no problem, the most important thing is to win the championship.
Of course, I hope to play a wonderful game and win the championship.

Do you think the first title of the Harvey era is coming?

Yes, if we reach the final, then our goal is to win the championship.
I hope this is Xavi’s first championship win.