Pele’s visit to China: unexpectedly, the level of Chinese football is quite high. Rong Zhixing is world-class.

December 25-recently, the aggravation of the “King of the Ball” Pele’s illness has aroused the attention of the football world. In response, the New Express reviewed Pele’s previous visits to China on many occasions.
As the “king of the ball”, Pele has come to China many times before. As early as 1977, Bailey went on a global cruise with the American Space team, one of which was in China. At that time, the cosmic team not only had Pele, but also had stars such as Beckenbauer and Tobic. Watched by fans at Beijing Workers’ Stadium, the Chinese national team drew 1-1 with the Cosmos team. A few days later, the Chinese national team beat the cosmos 2-1 at the Jiangwan Stadium in Shanghai.
At that time, Pele sighed: “before I came to China, I only knew that China was very big, but I didn’t expect that the level of Chinese football was also quite high.” In addition, Pele also praised national team member Rong Zhixing as a world-class player.
In 1991, Pele came to Guangzhou to watch the first Women’s World Cup (then known as the “first World Women’s Football Championships”). In addition to taking a photo with Havelange in the stands, Bailey also left a picture of visiting and shopping on the streets of Guangzhou. During that time, Bailey also went to the second Primary School of Jiangnan New Village in Haizhu District to watch the children play football.
In March 2002, on the eve of the World Cup in South Korea and Japan, Pele came to Beijing and visited the Badaling Great Wall. Just on the Great Wall, the Brazilians tried Cuju.
Seven years ago, Bailey visited Lishui training ground, the training ground of Guangzhou Evergrande at that time. At that time, Pele attended an event with Evergrande coach Cannavaro, player Elkson (Exxon) and pianist Lang Lang. At the scene, Cannavaro and Elksen became groupies.
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