People in the media discussed the announcement of the three towns: whether there are evil forces in the Football Association needs further evidence.

December 28 News in response to the “statement” issued by Wuhan three towns Club on December 27, the Football Association and the preparatory group of China Football Association made a response. The explanation points out that the penalty for Malkang’s violation of discipline and discipline is clear; there is no misjudgment in the dispute between the three towns of Wuhan and Chengdu; and with regard to the “dark forces” mentioned in the statement of the three towns of Wuhan, the Football Association will seriously deal with the opinions and relevant evidence of the three towns of Wuhan. In this regard, people in the media launched a heated discussion.
Reporter Pei Li: Malcolm’s behavior has been written into the game supervision report, it is impossible to go unpunished. As for the suspected handball penalty, after the match, the referee review team headed by Tan Hai repeatedly checked the video of the game and discussed the results collectively. It should be said that there is no problem in terms of procedure and professionalism. As to whether there are other criminal and evil forces, further evidence is needed. It’s not easy for the three towns to divide one yard into one. Withstood the pressure from all sides yesterday, won the battle of Tianwangshan, the initiative to win the championship has been firmly in their own hands.
Reporter Zhou Chao: after I saw this statement yesterday, I thought, who wrote this thing in the three towns of Wuhan? It’s so bad that you can’t even quarrel. You define others as “dark forces”. You need proof, and you will be held back in a word. The public relations and leaders of these three towns can see the level of struggle by reviewing the manuscripts.
Media person Li Xuan: the question in front of the Chinese Football Association is: the three towns of Wuhan accused the Chinese Football Association of “dark forces”. How should we face this way of expression and accusation? How to investigate deeply? How to deal with yourself?
If we don’t face it directly and solve it, and if we don’t make it clear, the “dark forces” will become the new label of the Chinese Football Association. If there are any problems in the Chinese league in the future, the clubs all say so. Does the Chinese Football Association still have dignity to speak of? How does the league management manage it?
Media person Xu Jiang: in the face of the accusations of the dark forces of the Wuhan three towns Club, the response of the Chinese Football Association is to put an end to this? Or is there a big ticket brewing? If this is a full stop, then other clubs will follow the example of Wuhan three towns Club in the future. how can the Chinese Football Association clear the label of the dark forces? ​​​
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