Pepe: after the Messi incident yesterday, it was unacceptable for the Argentine referee to brag about the Portuguese match.

December 11 news Portugal national team centre-back, veteran Pepe accepted the media after the game.
“it was a difficult game, we always had the advantage in the game, but we conceded a goal unexpectedly. I must say that after the incident between Lionel Messi and Argentina yesterday, the Argentine referee came to punish us today, which is unacceptable.
I’m not saying it’s conditional, but what are we up against in the second half? Anything. Their goalkeeper is always wasting his time, giving only eight minutes of injury time. We played very seriously and when we didn’t do anything in the second half, the referee gave us eight minutes of extra time.
The only team that wants to play football is Portugal. We are very sad, we have the ability to win the World Cup, unfortunately we do not. ”