Pepe: The experience at Arsenal will help me, I chose Nice not for money

January 29 Nicola Pepe left Arsenal last summer to join Nice on loan,
Return to Ligue 1.
In an interview with “RMC” a few days ago, he said that the experience of playing in the Premier League was very helpful to him, and he chose Nice not for money.

Reporter: “During the three seasons you played for Arsenal, have you learned anything?”

Pepe: “My experience in England has helped me evolve. Now that I have children, I feel more mature. I have had some good and bad experiences in the Premier League, but it has tempered my mind.
Think it will help me a lot.”

Reporter: “Why did you accept a salary cut and return to Ligue 1?”

Pepe: “There were many offers and I chose Nice. Money can only come second to me. I am very happy that I can come to Nice. It is a big club in France and I hope that I
To make the Nice fans happy, they have always supported the team.”