Pettit Arsenal don’t bid for Mudrick with Chelsea, Saint-Maximin is a good choice

January 11th In an interview with Compare.Bet, former French international Pettit talked about
When it came to Mudrick, he thought that Arsenal should not bid for Mudrick.

Pettit said: “Arsenal don’t get involved in a bidding war with Chelsea. If Chelsea want to spend 100 million pounds on Mudrick, Arsenal should give up. But I’m not sure if this is what Mudrick wants to see.
, I heard he wants to join Arsenal and reunite with Zinchenko.

Pettit then suggested that Arsenal sign Newcastle player Saint-Maximin. He said: “We all know the strength of Saint-Maximin. I have been paying attention to him. If he is in a good system and has good
Teammate, he can still improve a lot. For me, if Mudric cannot be signed, Saint-Maximin would be a good option.”