Photo: Bayern may have to pay the full salary of Neuer during the truce due to the contract between the two parties.

On December 15, Bayern goalkeeper Neuer will be suspended for six months because of a calf fracture while skiing. German media Bild revealed that Bayern may have agreed in his contract to pay all his salary during the truce, and the club may also protect his interests through insurance.
Neuer’s annual salary at Bayern is as high as 21 million euros. Who will pay half of that salary during the six months of his truce? Bild interviewed sports insurance expert Marco Prestin, who talked about the complexities of professional player insurance.
Marco Prestin first made it clear that this is not an industrial injury insurance case: “the Industrial accident Insurance Federation of the industry will not pay any reparations because Neuer’s case is not an industrial accident. Generally speaking, if an employee has an accident at work or on the way to work, the employer continues to pay six weeks’ wages, which is required by law. ”
Neuer can still get a normal six-week salary from his employer, which is about 2.6 million euros, like other employees, the report said. So what happened after that? The article points out that if there are no other contractual provisions, then Neuer must protect his salary on his own.
Marco Prestin said: “if Bayern continue to pay a player or employee for only six weeks after an accident or illness, then only the player’s private insurance can fill his salary gap.” And the player has to pay most of the premium for his private health insurance. ”
But the problem is that it is hard to find an insurance company in Germany to cover claims of up to millions of euros. “in Germany, only a small number of insurers offer the so-called daily sickness allowance, which continues to pay salaries, but this usually falls short of the original amount,” Marco Prestin said. ”
“Lloyds, for example, is an insurance company that can do this. If there is such insurance, then Neuer or every other player will be able to guarantee up to 100% of his after-tax salary. ”
However, Bild said that according to their sources, many top stars have stipulated in their contracts with Bayern Munich to continue to pay their salaries beyond the legal six-week limit-often for up to six months. and that’s how long Neuer is now likely to have a truce.
So does Bayern need to pay the injured Neuer about 10.5 million euros as usual? The article said that it is not necessarily that the club can also protect itself for such situations through insurance.
“it is also possible for clubs to protect their interests through an insurance with a longer waiting period than the six-week legal salary payment period, as long as there is such a provision in the contract of both parties,” Marco Prestin said.
The article in Bild also mentioned that Neuer, a private client of VIP Consulting, a German insurance consulting company, had a message on the front page of the official website, which provides insurance professional advice to football stars: “the care of the VIP Consulting team is at the level of the Champions League. Thank you very much for your support over the years.”
The report says this means that although Neuer was injured accidentally on a ski trip in his private time, he probably won’t have to worry about his multimillion-euro salary in the coming months.