Photo: other clubs can offer higher salaries, it is not easy for Barcelona to bring in Moukoko.

Recently, there are rumors that Barcelona want to get Dot 18-year-old Moukoko. Bild published its own views on such rumors.
Moukoko’s contract with Dot expires at the end of the season and it is not clear what the future of the 18-year-old striker is, although he is still likely to stay at Dot. Before Christmas, the two sides had a secret meeting, but there were still some differences on salary.
It is clear that Moukoko’s situation presents an opportunity for competitors. Moukoko is on the priority list for some of Europe’s top clubs, such as Chelsea and Barcelona. According to the Daily Sports News, Barcelona think they are in the lead in the battle for Moukoko.
In recent weeks, Barcelona executives have been preparing for the introduction of Moukoko. However, the young striker will not be able to discuss joining with other clubs until January 1, when his contract with the club expires for only six months. However, the reality of his joining Barcelona is still questionable.
Barcelona already have 34-year-old Levan, 22-year-old Phelan Torres and other strikers, which means they will face fierce competition for positions if they join the Rossoneri. Moukoko and those around him are well aware that the young striker needs playing time to continue to make progress. Moreover, Barcelona is a heavily indebted club and it is easy for other top European clubs to pay higher salaries than them.
Dot also hopes to pay Moukoko a higher salary in the future. If Moukoko renews his contract, his annual salary will rise from 1.8 million euros to 6 million euros. So far, however, the young striker and people around him have insisted on an annual salary of 7 million euros.
For Dott, they can not only offer a fairly high salary, but also have an advantage at the personal level. Because, coach Terzic and Moukoko have worked together for a long time.
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