Picture Report: Allais is back and in good condition, and Mukoko no longer takes the initiative in contract renewal

January 15, Dortmund teenager Mukoko’s contract renewal tug-of-war is still going on,
The German media “Bild” stated that with the comeback of another striker Allais, Mukoko will no longer take the initiative in the negotiations.

In the two training games of the previous training camp, although Mukoko entered the starting lineup, his performance was almost always the weakest among the players present.
He faced coming off the bench for the opening game of the second half of the season against Augsburg.

Is Moukoko under more pressure to re-sign than he’s willing to admit?
The reason is Allais’ comeback: Mukoko also knows that this teammate is better than him in the training camp, and in this way, coach Terzic will find it difficult not to reuse Allais.

Allais had undergone two testicular cancer operations and four chemotherapy treatments during the previous 6-month truce, but he is still in excellent form, as evidenced by scoring 3 goals in 7 minutes in the warm-up match against Basel.

Contrary to Allais’ state, people can feel that his mind is messed up in Mukoko, who is about to become a free agent this summer.
The report stated that Dortmund offered him a signing fee of 10 million euros and an annual salary of 6 million euros per season. Newcastle and Chelsea are also interested in him.

For all parties concerned, whether it is to renew the long-term contract with Dortmund or prepare to leave this summer, it will be the best situation if Mukoko can make his own decision quickly.

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