Pioli: against Salenitana Menion is unable to make a comeback and suggested that Leo stay

December 21 recently, Milan coach Pioli accepted the “La Gazzetta dello Sport” interview, in the interview, he talked about the Champions League, Serie An and other topics.
— Serie A.
“We know that our strength has improved, but our competitors are also very strong. We believe that if Napoli maintain their current form to the end, they will score more than 100 points this season. We have no choice but to congratulate them. But Milan also use the ability and determination to win all the games, we are currently playing on the fourth line, the goal is to win the championship. ”
— European Champions League
“the Champions League has always been Milan’s main competition and it is impossible not to feel its charm here. As the manager of the club, it is normal to have the ambition to return to Europe for supremacy. Only when we improve our performance, the quality of the team and our concentration can we think about going further. That way, we can beat Tottenham. ”
Is the current team stronger than last season?
“We are stronger because a lot of people have grown up, and the result is an improvement in the overall level. We are also more conscious of what we have to do to win. We are more determined in the face of difficulties, and today we know how to face them. ”
Will the team be stronger behind the winter window?
“I know I will be asked more similar questions, but the players we have signed are those who have been injured today and are about to recover. I still believe in the professionalism of our team. I repeat, as a whole, we have the possibility to win every game. ”
When do you think Menion will be back
“it will take a while. Is he ready to play against Salenitana? I don’t think so. ”
— Ibrahim
“We need to keep waiting. Ibrahimovic has superhuman wisdom and has been immersed in a reality he has never experienced before since his return to Milan. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is never satisfied. Victory is the obsession of all outstanding people, and he is one of them. This is what he looks like when he wakes up in the morning: 100% devoted to all kinds of things and doesn’t stop until he reaches his goal. We hope he will come back to us as soon as possible. ”
Do you think Leo will stay on the team longer
“I advised him to stay. We did a lot of things together, but we didn’t reach our full potential. Leo has made incredible exponential development, and he continues to improve. But in some ways he can do better and work harder. Under the premise of knowing the situation very well, it would be easier for him to work with us. I also think he is really happy here. He wants to say hello to other people when he is here on holiday. This is a sign of the unity of these people. ”
De Ketlare lacks his place.
“when you train a young player like this, the important thing is the foundation. To say the least, there is no doubt that Tonali or Leo have the potential to become outstanding players. But the difficulty is to predict when something will wake them up and get them to improve. No one will doubt de Ketlare’s strength, but it is too early to judge.
“Tonali is Italian, his home is only 50 kilometers away from Milan, and he has played a season where there are no fans watching, so he is under less pressure. Nevertheless, it took him a year to make a leap in strength and digest the impact of the recent transfer. Compared with him, de Caitraere has only been here for four months. He comes from a different league and has never received such attention in his life. ”
In the absence of Giroux and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, can we think of de Caitraere as a striker
“Yes, these things can even happen in the next few games. When we think about the types of opponents we will encounter, we will find that many defenders are lined up with no plans for reference, and de Caitraere has the quality of playing as a striker. Generally speaking, he has a whole team that can help him understand the situation and the environment.
“now it’s up to me to decide when to let him perform or protect him. I’m sure the World Cup experience will be good for him, and even if he doesn’t have many chances to play, just as it’s good for him to be with his family, he will be calmer when he comes back. ”
Will Milan help Giroux find a way to overcome the defeat in the World Cup
“I support him and Teo. I talked to them on the night of the final and I said they had to be proud of their way to the World Cup. It turns out that Giroux is a regular champion, both on the pitch and as a person. As for Special Olympics, we can think of what Maldini has been saying to us: special Olympics is becoming the strongest left-back in the world. They will overcome their disappointment with stronger determination and continue to work towards the new goal. ”