Porter: Some players said that the pre-season preparations for this season are the worst, and I can’t comment because I’m not here

February 24, 21:30, February 26, , the 25th round of the Premier League will usher in
A powerful conversation.
Chelsea will travel to an away game against Tottenham.
Before the game, Chelsea coach Porter attended the team’s press conference, where he answered questions from reporters.

About Azpilicueta

“When you have a concussion, it’s not an easy recovery. He’s not going to be ready for the weekend now because we have to follow the concussion protocol, but he’s doing a good job. It’s going well.”

About the team’s injuries

“We’ve had a good week of training, everyone is available except Kante and Pulisic. They’re joining the warm-up and next week will be more integrated.”

Response to the loss to Southampton

“We’ve had a great response. I’ve had conversations and conversations with the players to put things in perspective. It’s been a tough week. The results haven’t been good enough and it’s important to acknowledge that.”

“You have to admit we didn’t play well at home and the result wasn’t good enough for us. It’s the third game in a week, where we are as a team and why we’ve gotten to where we are, there are a lot of factors
.And then it’s important to manage the situation properly.”

Board support?

“I spoke to them and, as before, they have always supported me. I have been under pressure for four months and have been asking questions about support.”

About the reaction of the fans

“Of course the fans are rightfully anxious because we lost at home to Southampton. The fans care about us and when they’re upset they express their frustration. I have nothing to say, I hope the fans
Keep supporting us. And the solution is we have to win football.”

“Some people understand the position. If you lose 1-0 at home to bottom of the league Southampton, you expect the fans to criticize. Then it’s how you analyze the situation, how you analyze the season, that brings us to this point.
factors, you have to take those into consideration as well.”

“The result wasn’t good enough, the 1-0 loss to Southampton wasn’t good enough, they deserve to be angry.”

why do you need time

“It’s really hard. As I said a few weeks ago, it’s the toughest job in football and there’s a reason for that. Talking to some experienced players, they say the period of the season is
It was the worst pre-season they’ve ever had. Organizationally, the tour didn’t go as well as they would have liked. I wasn’t there so I can’t say anything.”

“We thought we made progress but a sub-par first half against Southampton. Those are some facts. Inconvenient facts, but that’s how it is.”

Can Aubameyang return to the team?

“He’s fighting for a place in the team. Responding well to the situation we’re in. He can be one of the players we choose to play.”

Rest day this week?

“It’s been scheduled, and after the week we’ve had, they’re there. Sometimes you need a few days to clear your head. It’s been scheduled.”

What do you need to do against Tottenham?

“A strong performance. We need the three points. It’s the game we’re looking forward to. The training and the reaction of the players has been very good.”

Feel the pressure yet?

“Whatever the outcome, you should take the criticism and it should come. It’s fair. The atmosphere here has always been positive and respectful. That’s not to say it’s easy.”

what work did you do

“We’ve seen some things and I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to give our opponents something to think about.”

About the team’s lack of goals

“If you watch Dortmund play 10 games like that we’ll all score. Felix hit the crossbar and we had good chances in the first half which is positive but when things go against you
, you can have a tough time. If we play at the level we started against Dortmund and against West Ham, we can score goals.”

“Our quality is there, when you integrate young players, it’s not always easy, the hardest part of the game is the offense, to get that fluidity in the offense, it’s a process.

“We have discussed with individuals and groups how to face Tottenham. We need to focus on the next game, which is Tottenham. They are a team that doesn’t give up too much and has a deep defense.
The team, we have to think about that.”