Portuguese media: Benfica is close to a salary increase to renew his contract with Gonzalo Ramos, the new contract will expire in 2026

According to the Portuguese newspaper Chronicle, Benfica is close to renewing his contract with the team’s young striker Gonzalo Ramos. Negotiations between the two sides are under way and the contract renewal is expected to be completed before the New year. Gonzalo Ramos’ current contract with Benfica expires in 2025 and the club aims to renew his contract with him until 2026.
Gonzalo Ramos returned to the club yesterday and the two sides will negotiate again to finalize the contract extension as soon as possible. This summer, Benfica rejected offers from a number of Premiership clubs for Ramos, and the Portuguese giants promised a raise in the salary of the player who shone at the World Cup in Qatar. Ramos earns about 2 million euros a year at Benfica, so his annual salary will rise to some extent if his contract is renewed, especially if he has become a core player under Roger Schmidt. This season, he has scored 14 goals in 21 games and is the team’s top scorer.
Gonzalo Ramos scored a hat-trick in the eighth final against Switzerland at the World Cup in Qatar, with a termination fee of 120 million euros. If a club wants to take him away, Benfica will want a transfer fee of about 90 million euros.
ESPN reports that Manchester United will ask Benfica about the possibility of signing Gonzalo Ramos, although Reds boss Teng Hach has been told that the club will not guarantee a winter window to sign the striker. However, Manchester United are not the only Premiership club interested in Ramos. It is reported that Brighton has recently begun to pay attention to Ramos’ situation. In addition, Juve in Serie An are also said to be interested in the young striker.
This summer, Southampton, Newcastle and Wolves all tried to bring in Gonzalo Ramos, but negotiations failed to achieve good results. It is said that a Premiership club offered 30 million euros for Ramos at the time, plus a floating fee of 10 million euros, but this still failed to impress Benfica.
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