Portuguese media: Rome has deliberately hidden Mourinho recently, he is still considering coaching the Portuguese national team

On December 19th, according to the Portuguese media “A BOLA”, Mourinho is still considering taking over the post of coach of the Portuguese national team.
Earlier, Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport said Mourinho was grateful for the invitation from the Portuguese Football Association, but he refused. “A BOLA” refuted reports that Mourinho had yet to respond to an offer from Portuguese Football Association President Gomez.
At the same time, “A BOLA” said that Mourinho is still considering the possibility of replacing Santos in charge of the Portuguese national team. Jose Mourinho’s future has not been decided for a long time, and the media have no way to know the news, which has caused some dissatisfaction in the Italian media, who are still watching the situation of Roma, which is currently training in Algarve, Portugal. They are dissatisfied with Mourinho’s lack of response on this matter.
At the same time, the media said that Mourinho’s recent whereabouts has been accompanied by relevant personnel in Rome, it is no exaggeration to say that Rome deliberately hid Mourinho from journalists and fans. After training the day before yesterday, some of the Roma players were allowed to interact with the fans, but Mourinho did not contact the media and the fans, he just waved to the people who greeted him. At the same time, Roma players have not been interviewed by the media recently.
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