Post: Fletcher’s twin sons are expected to sign a professional contract with Manchester City

December 20-the twin sons of Manchester United’s technical director and former player Darren Fletcher are expected to sign a professional contract with Manchester City, the Post reported.
Jack and Taylor will turn 16 this season and they have done well in games of all ages at Manchester City Academy. The brothers are both midfielders and they follow in their father’s footsteps.
Darren Fletcher became United’s technical director last year as part of a hierarchical reform at Old Trafford and his sons have long gained a foothold in the structure of Manchester City.
Although it is not common for descendants of Manchester United stars to sign professional contracts with bitter enemies, several stars have chosen to send their children to study at Manchester City’s Football Academy. These include Wayne Rooney, Robin van Persie, Phil Neville, Andrew Cole and Viv Anderson-all of whom have made more than 1300 appearances for Manchester United-but they have all opted for their children to play at Manchester City.
Darren Fletcher’s children performed impressively at Manchester City. They won an one-year scholarship and if they accept it, these scholarships will be converted into three seasons of professional conditions.
Despite his youth, Jack is said to have a similar style of play to Darren Fletcher, who has played for Manchester City’s U18 this season. Taylor represented England’s U16 in the Mini Football Confederations Cup held in Spain last month by eight countries.