Postal: Due to the three months of no income due to sanctions, Chelsea seeks an exemption from the Premier League officials

02 February 04 According to the latest report from the famous Daily Mail reporter Matt Hughes, Chelsea plans to end the season
After submitting their accounts, seeking a degree of exemption from the Premier League’s financial constraints could grant a certain amount.

They argued they were denied income for three months after the club’s former boss Roman Abramovich was sanctioned by the government last year.

Under Premier League rules, clubs can lose £105m over any three-year period and Chelsea’s unusual circumstances last season put them at risk of default.
Chelsea recorded a loss of £153.4 million in the latest financial year to 2021, but Chelsea and other top clubs have been subsidized by the Premier League due to the impact of the epidemic on their finances.

It is unclear how the Premier League will respond to Chelsea’s request.
How Chelsea comply with UEFA’s Financial Fair Play rules could be even more challenging after being placed on UEFA’s so-called watch list of clubs at risk of breaching the rules.