Postal: If Moyes finally dismisses get out of class, Benitez may take over West Ham United

February 21st, “Daily Mail” reported that Moyes will continue to lead the team to play against this weekend
Nottingham Forest’s game, but if the result of the game is not good and the West Ham United executives decide to change coaches, then Benitez may join the Hammers.

It is reported that the match between West Ham United and Nottingham Forest at home is very important to Moyes, and many fans have called for Moyes to be fired.
West Ham United currently ranks 18th in the league, 1 point behind Everton and Bournemouth who are 16th and 17th.

Despite the team’s poor record, the West Ham United executives are somewhat hesitant about how to choose a successor. They want to invite Tuchel or Pochettino to coach, but the two former Paris Saint-Germain coaches have difficulty accepting the Hammers.

Former Wolves and Tottenham coach Nuno is an option, but because he is coaching in Saudi Arabia, West Ham needs to pay a termination fee of 6 million pounds to take him away.
Multiple sources pointed out that the lack of a suitable successor is one of the reasons why West Ham United have not changed their coach.

The “Post” revealed that Benitez, who is currently at home, is interested in taking over West Ham United. He will hope to get a long-term contract.
With the Spaniard reaching an agreement, they are more likely to offer an 18-month contract.
Considering that Leeds United and Southampton have changed their coaches for the second time, West Ham United’s top management is still hesitant. They have always hoped that Moyes can turn the situation around, but the team has only won one game since October.

Benitez said in an interview recently that he hopes to work again. Since leaving Everton, he has received no less than 20 invitations and he is still waiting for the best opportunity.

(Lin Yuan)