Postal: In order to avoid points being deducted in the league, Sheffield United has begun to save club costs

According to the “Daily Mail”, in order to avoid being managed next week, Sheffield United decided to use
A series of effective cost-cutting policies.

Sheffield United, currently second in the Championship, are understood to have failed to pay their suppliers, who subsequently shut down the underfloor heating at their training ground, as they desperately try to ensure they can pay their players this month.
Under EFL rules, clubs placed in trust until next Thursday will all have 12 points deducted for the season, dealing a heavy blow to Sheffield United’s vision of promotion to the Premier League.

Despite the club’s pressing financial problems, Sheffield United could return to the Premier League after a two-year hiatus, with nine games remaining in second place in the Championship, ahead of third-placed Middlesbrough
three points.
In the winter window, Sheffield United were banned from signing because they did not pay the full transfer fee. They also owed transfer fees to Liverpool (Brewster) and Malmo (Ahmed Odjic).
Since then, Sheffield United have struggled to get through the season without falling into administration and not being deducted points for arrears of wages to players.

Sheffield United’s predicament is unusual in that they can receive money from Premier League clubs after their relegation from the Premier League. The Premier League clubs have given them around £16m this season, making many around the club question the club’s money
Where did they all go.
Financial statements released last summer showed Sheffield United owed £18.25m in transfer fees, although their total debt is much higher because the club has been defaulting on transfer fees for years.

Despite their financial troubles, Sheffield United have been superb on the pitch as they face Blackburn in the FA Cup quarter-finals, with only two wins remaining at Wembley.
Without the FA Cup competition, which has already cost them over £1m, the club might have been in trust.
The bonus for reaching the quarter-finals was as high as 350,000 pounds, and the TV broadcast of four consecutive games also brought nearly 800,000 pounds of TV broadcast costs.
Sheffield United believe they will be able to pay their players this month because they have saved money.