Postal: Manchester City raised Alvarez’s weekly salary to 100,000 pounds, wanting to let other suitors quit

March 17 News Official news, Manchester City and Alvarez continued
Around 2028.

“The Post” stated that Alvarez had a weekly salary of about 50,000 pounds before, and his weekly salary reached 100,000 pounds after the contract extension. Manchester City hopes that this will make other teams that have ideas about players quit.

Alvarez, 23 years old, Argentine striker, nicknamed the little spider (La Araña).
Joined Manchester City from River Plate in January 2022 and leased back, and officially joined in July with a transfer fee of 21.4 million euros.
Since joining, Alvarez has played 33 games in various competitions, contributed 10 goals and 3 assists, and his worth has risen from 20 million euros to 50 million euros.

In the 2022 Qatar World Cup, Alvarez played 7 games and contributed 4 goals and 1 assist. In the semi-finals, he scored 3 goals with 2 shots and 1 pass, helping the team eliminate Croatia 3-0.
In the end, they won the Hercules Cup together with Argentina.